Iceland: Gulfoss – Now This!


Iceland was for you. It was your long-held geologist’s dream. And my plan.
“Surprise me,” you said.
For my geologist, it was a Fahrt in das Blaue – a journey into the blue; into the unknown. It was a journey into blue, white, mustard and black. These are the colours of Iceland. And grey.

After Strokkur and Geysir you asked, “Where now?”
“Gulfoss – a waterfall.”
Oh, you thought, another one.
Waterfalls are everywhere. They drop off escarpments in narrow bands of white, striping the cliffs of basalt at regular intervals. We are becoming blasé to their existence.

But Gulfoss is in a different league. It thunders from a river as broad as a lake. It drops off two sills through layers of basalt and ash before plunging into a chasm, dark and narrow before disappearing from sight. The air is filled with its tiny droplets. We are damp and exhilarated.

“Every time we stop, I think it can’t get better…”  You stop and spread your hands out. You have no words.
“Now this!”


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